We as Masons are always very quick to point out the great leaders who have been members of our fraternity.  The founding fathers, US presidents, notable sports figures, and other great men who have rose to prominence or acclaim.

So I ask the question;

Who will men 200 years from now proudly proclaim as members of the Masonic Fraternity?

Who will be the great thinker or teacher, the great president or senator, the great mind who inspires multitudes of others by his written or spoken word?

Are we preparing that great man by allowing Masonry to flourish as system that stresses the improvement of the soul, the embracement of knowledge, the questioning of our condition and then using Masonry as a dialogue seeking answers? To me these things provide an environment that allows great men to rise.

What are you prepared to do today to create the great leaders of tomorrow? If we all do not act today there will be no great Masons. All we will have is a faint memory of great men.

Lead yourself first; begin practicing Masonry today and strive to be that great Mason of tomorrow!

Have a Great Masonic Day!