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“Practice without that which we have learned within.”

I recently visited the first meeting of Arts & Sciences Lodge #792 UD. These brothers began meeting several years ago as The Goose and Gridiron Social Club, spent enough time together to get to know one another, understand what each other believed was important in Masonry and then set about designing a lodge based on their relationships and common beliefs.

As part of their vision statement they declared:

“We dedicate our efforts completely to the Masonic education and moral advancement of our members.  In our travels, we have learned that Masonic education is as boundless as the human experience and all personal improvement is moral advancement.  Consequently, an essential requirement of membership is the cultivation of a curious and receptive mind.”

They spent a great deal of time thinking about and discussing their vision statement because they wanted it to be a living, breathing document that directs their actions and not just a bunch of words written on a piece of paper. The meetings they held while seeking a dispensation reflected their resolve to follow their vision as each was centered on a discussion of a predetermined topic about an aspect of Masonry.

Their first official meeting continued their resolve as it exemplified the Master Mason degree with added time for discussion after each section. It served not only as a critique of the performance, but also provided time for each brother to ponder what he had just witnessed and what lessons might be learned. This truly allows for what is required for membership in Arts & Sciences Lodge; “…the cultivation of a curious and receptive mind.”

Leaders understand that vision partly comes from passion. Vision can also come from a leader being unhappy with the way things are and want to change them. Successful leaders also know that no one can accomplish great things alone, so to fulfill a vision a leader will need others who share his passion and his discontent with the status quo.

These statements describe the leaders of Arts & Sciences Lodge who were not satisfied with the status quo; they needed more from Masonry. Their collective passion brought them together and created a vision that will become their constant guide as they practice Masonry. You can find their vision statement at

If you would like to visit Arts & Sciences their next meeting is Thursday, November 19th. The festive board begins at 6:00pm upstairs at the Bag of Nails Pub, 4065 Main St, Hilliard, OH 43026.