define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR' true); The End of the World – Again! |

I have been so busy that I failed to notice that the world is going to end tomorrow, October 21st. This is the date according to Harold Camping. He had predicted that May 21, 2011 was the day but something messed up his calculations and now the big day is tomorrow. 

So I couldn’t just let the world end and not put a final post on my blog about leadership. 

Well, let’s see, what can I say. This is my chance to say those things that have always been on my mind but because of one thing or another, I felt that it was better to leave them unsaid. 

Maybe I list all of the leaders I have encountered that just don’t get it; by name. But what good would that do, after all the world is ending so listing their names and their offensive leadership behavior wouldn’t accomplish anything. That is unless we are going to need good leaders in the afterlife. If that’s the case it would warn everyone to stay away from them. 

But it could be that good leaders go to heaven and the bad leaders go to hell. If that is the way it works then we won’t have to worry about it; God sorts it out for us. 

I really should reverse my thinking and instead of listing all the bad leaders, I should list all the good leaders and thank them. Thank them for their thoughtful, caring attitude. Thank them for creating great organizations by sharing knowledge and not worrying whether they receive credit for it. 

I would also thank them for their inspiration, their well thought out planning and their willingness to let people try things and fail. They should also be thanked for their positive attitude, especially when bad things happen and it doesn’t seem there is any hope. 

Finally I would thank them for being non-judgmental. Giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking for the best in everyone and not the worst. 

Oh no. I started out writing with the intent on chastising bad leaders and ended up reminding myself that good leaders don’t do that. They find the positive and improve it; they don’t find the negative and complain about it. 

Gee, I hope the world doesn’t end tomorrow; I still got a lot to learn.

 Have a Great Masonic Day!