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San Diego residents expecting a 20 minute fireworks spectacular got about 15 seconds when, what was described as a “technical glitch,” set them all off at one time.

I wonder if the contract between the city and the producer had a clause entitled “If the fireworks go off all at once.” Probably not; but you would suspect that there was something written in about non- performance.

A least one person make a positive comment when he tweeted, “Best part about #bigbayboom fail is that EVERYONE has always wondered what would happen if all fireworks went off at once.” I have always wondered that myself; now I and everyone else know.

This tweet brings up the subject of failure; more especially your attitude concerning failure. John C. Maxwell says:

“Your attitude toward failure determines your altitude after failure.”

How do you view failure?

Excellent leaders view failure as learning opportunities. They understand that despite detailed and careful planning problems will occur. When they do they should be analyzed, understood and then corrected without agonizing about them.

Having a positive mind-set about failure will allow you face it with courage. William Marston, an American psychologist, said, “If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to draw dividends from defeat.”

How will you react the next time all your fireworks go off at one time?

Have a Great Masonic Day!