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I recently experienced a hard drive failure on my main office computer. But instead of creating a situation of panic and fear for all the data residing on the hard drive, I was able to view this event as a minor inconvenience. That’s because when I have my office systems built I have mirrored hard drives installed. What this means is that any input to my computer is automatically stored on two separate hard drives. The failure of one does not affect the integrity of the data on the other. Hence the word mirrored; one is an exact copy of the other.

To correct the situation the offending drive is removed, a new one installed and software rebuilds the new one into another mirrored copy of the other; problem solved. All the while the other drive is functioning normally and your data’s integrity maintained.

It’s too bad that this type of setup is not always employed by organizations. Many think they just need one leader not two and fail to further recognize the value of creating as many leaders as possible. The more leaders you have the better chance that the failure of one will not affect the effective function of the others.

The value of more leaders is not that you have leaders who are exactly alike, but leaders whose skills and talents complement each other. The differences are recognized and utilized as production tasks are assigned based on strengths not by job title. So your leadership team is not exactly like the mirrored drives in a computer, the clones of one another, but selected so they fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.

However what should be alike is their attitude, their vision for the organization and their agreement that the more leaders we have, the better off we will be. With this culture built into the organization it will continue to function even if there is a single leadership failure.

My computer is back functioning with two healthy hard drives. Thank goodness I didn’t have to start all over again.

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