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Since September 17th the “Occupy Movement” has been disrupting various commercial sectors by an international protest that is primarily concerned with economic and social inequality. Calling themselves “The 99%,” which refers to the concentration of wealth among the top 1% of income earners compared to the other 99%, they have camped out on Wall Street, gathered in Time’s Square, showed up in Chicago, Tucson, Phoenix, Oakland and Portland as well as cities around the world.

I’m not writing this to debate their motives, their methods or anything about them. I just wanted to “rip off” the occupy moniker and start an “Occupy Freemasonry” movement. Because I want Masons to remind themselves to go where there is no concern for economic or social inequality; they should go to a Lodge meeting!

Things you can do to start “Occupy Freemasonry”

  1. Refer to Masons as “The 100%” – After all we represent all occupations, religions, and socio-economic classes.
  2. Start displaying more signsDaily live your life as a Mason. Don’t just say Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth; practice them!
  3. “Camp out” at the Lodge – It’s not necessary to pitch a tent. Just start regular attendance and contribute your talents by assuming a role that will help the lodge.
  4. Get Angry – Not at others but with yourself. Ask yourself some questions. Maybe questions such as; “do I truly understand what Masonry is trying to teach me;” “am I constantly learning;” or “am I trying daily to become a better man, or spouse, or father, grandfather, citizen and Mason?”
  5. Spread the word – Always be on the lookout for men who are worthy of “The 100%.”
  6. Don’t leave any trash – Remember to always leave anything in better shape than you found it.

Start today and join the “Occupy Freemasonry” movement. You will be a better man for doing it.

Have a Great Masonic Day!