I ran across an address Lee Iacocca gave recently in which he discussed his 9C’s of leadership.  I wonder what would happen if we used Lee Iacocca’s scorecard at the right to pick our lodge leaders?

  • Curiosity – Is the man willing to ask questions and learn from others or does he think he already knows it all?
  • Creativity – Will he explore new ideas or will he just use the “cookie cutter approach” to planning? (cookie cutter planning is just doing what’s been done before.)
  • Communication – Is he able to communicate effectively, both orally and in written form?
  • Character – Does demonstrate his Masonic character in his daily life?
  • Courage – Can he make decisions that benefit the Lodge and not himself?
  • Conviction – Does he have passion for the Fraternity and the desire to see the Lodge be successful?
  • Charisma – Is he someone that can touch others’ hearts and inspire them?
  • Competence – Has he demonstrated he has the knowledge of management, leadership, ritual and the rules by which the lodge is governed?
  • Common Sense – Is his feet planted firmly on the ground?

One of the most critical steps in raising the level of leadership in our lodges is selecting the proper brothers to assume leadership roles. We need to be very critical in our selection process and not pick someone out of expediency or popularity.

Using tools such as the 9C scorecard will assist in our evaluation of potential officers and help ensure lodge success.