I was preparing for a presentation and one of the sections is about a leader’s legacy. Not many Masonic leaders have probably thought about the legacy they want to leave to the Fraternity.

In Dr. Maxwell’s The Law of Legacy he offers four thoughts on how leaders should develop a legacy.

  1. Know The Legacy You Want To Leave – As a leader have you identified organizational problems you want to solve, change that may be needed or inspiration you want to instill?
  2. Live The Legacy You Want To Leave – Words alone will not build a legacy. You must demonstrate by your actions that your legacy is important to you.
  3. Choose Who Will Carry On Your Legacy – Have you developed relationships that will allow you to mentor those officers below you? Legacy comes when leaders are created that will carry on when you are no longer around.
  4. Make Sure You Pass The Baton – You greatest joy should come when you see other leaders step up and do even a better job than you did. Be able to walk away with great pride knowing you had a part in creating these leaders.


Is your legacy just a bunch of titles you have accumulated to list in your obituary? Wouldn’t it be much more rewarding to know that your contributions will live on?

How do you create a Masonic legacy? Create another leader. Start doing it today!

Have a Great Masonic Day!